The Benefits of Good Exterior Lighting  

20th February 2018

Outdoor lighting is used in many ways and for many reasons. Whether this is for car parks and staff walkways, external machinery and working environments, or illumination of stock and plant.

What are the main benefits of GOOD exterior lighting?

  1.  Security – In public areas such as car parks, good illumination could reduce the risk of car accidents at night time, and theft. And at home, better security lighting could reduce the risk of burglary.
  2. Comfort – Better street light can increase the level of safety a pedestrian may feel in the dark, and a well-lit area is much less appealing to a thief.
  3. Safety – Illuminating work areas and staff or public walkways will reduce the risk of falls, and will help machinery operate much more efficiently without running the risk of injuring fellow members of staff or pedestrians.

It is vital to consider the safety and security aspects of good exterior lighting, as well as the aesthetic benefits.

What lighting is best?

LED lighting creates a crisp white glow, and is considerably more energy efficient, dramatically reducing running costs, making it an all-round favourite! And, as well as LED lighting creating a brighter light, and saving you money – it also has more curb appeal, which will present both homes and public areas as cared for places.

As a company, we can make this process seamless by designing a lighting system to suit the building requirements, ready to install and commission. Whether it’s domestic project or a large commercial/industrial development – we’ve got you covered.

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