Electrical testing is important for any commercial, industrial or residential site. All electrical installations deteriorate over time, so periodic testing and inspection is a must.  It’s our goal to make your building safe for employees, workers, visitors, customers or tenants. And we do this by conducting thorough and rigorous testing of your existing fittings. Our expert technicians will be able to identify safety risks and advise on actions to take for H&S Legislation compliance.

Electrical Installation Certificates

An Electrical Installation Certificate will be issued upon completion of any new installation. This will ensure full compliance of any installation.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

An Electrical Installation Condition Report will be used to present the full safety assessment of current installations. It will also highlight defects, deterioration, and any dangers that you need to be aware of. The works of carrying out the report will include:

  • Wiring Inspection

The first stage involves checking the visible components of your wiring system so we can identify damage or wear and tear issues.

  • Circuit Continuity Check

Our electricians will conduct a continuity test using a special device to detect faults or broken conductors that could affect performance and safety.

  • Resistance Check

Another test is then carried out to measure the ‘final current’ of your system. This helps us establish the level of electrical resistance and the percentage of electrical losses. Resistance testing is essential for meeting legislation and detecting cable damage.

  • Earth Loop Impedance

The earth loop impedance test is essential in evaluating the effectiveness of your earth wiring during an emergency. Our test determines whether the circuit will be reliable during an electrical fault.


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