5 Reasons Why You Should Install LED Lights

13th December 2017

Throughout the UK there are millions of lightbulbs within homes and businesses, 700 million alone being in homes. And only a fraction of these are LED. So, with many known benefits, why aren’t more people making the switch to LED? If you’re still on the fence, here are 5 reasons why you should.

Longer Life

First of all, LED lights last a lot longer than other bulbs, 20 times longer to be precise! So, unlike your halogen’s that probably blow on a regular basis, you’ll have longer lasting light which means less replacement bulbs and more money in your pocket.

Use Less Energy

Unlike halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED’s give off light as soon as electricity passes through the filament, meaning they use less energy, and you’ll save money on your electricity. In fact, they typically use 90% less energy than other lightbulbs, so you’ll definitely notice the benefit in your bills!

Better for The Environment

One of the reasons that LED’s are better for the environment is that they use less energy, as explained above, therefore reducing carbon emissions, but LED bulbs also have a lot less harmful chemicals and UV ray emissions in them.

But what people might not know is that LED bulbs can be recycled unlike CFL’s. This is because CFL’s use gas, mercury and phosphor, which means if a bulb breaks it must be disposed of much more carefully and appropriately.

Simple to Install

Not only are LED bulbs reducing in price to purchase every day, they’re simple to install! And in most homes, there’s no need to change the fitting, as an LED’s can replace any light fitting.

Great Range of Colours

Whether you’re after a cool white or a warm yellow, the LED colour choices are endless, and you can pick whatever suits your home or business best. Whatever your choice, you’re not limited.

So, if you’re interested in making the switch, give us a call on 0113 292 6123.